For Engineers

Get more from your data, optimize your results and reduce your data management workload.

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For Management

Anything that can be measured, can be improved. DeepData enables you to measure and improve all aspects of the fracture stimulation process.

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For Service Providers

Reduce your data management time and costs, while improving the value of your data to Operators.

No Initial License Fee – No Set-Up – AFE-Based Billing

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Import historical well data or real-time data directly from the well site.

Key Metrics

Deep data generates the key metrics you need to track and optimize your processes

Visualizations & Reports

Generates amazing visualizations and reports for wells, areas, and fields.

Data Sharing

Give NonOp and data sharing partners access to the wells and capabilities you choose…at no additional cost

What others say about us!

Blake Cantley

DeepData delivers stunning visualizations and reports, and the data sharing for NonOp partners is a real timesaver.

Blake CantleySequitur Energy
Michael Crabtree

DeepData houses our completion and production data, generates visually appealing and detail oriented completion reports and plots, and helps us find ways to optimize production and cut costs. A must have for all operators!

Michael CrabtreeHalcón Resources

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Facts on Fracking

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